The Comissão da Carteira Profissional de Jornalista (Journalists’ Professional License Committee) is an independent public law body, whose responsibility is to grant, renew, suspend or revoke the licenses of media professionals (journalists, equivalent to journalists, correspondents and those who collaborate in the media informative sector), as well as ensuring the fulfilment of the fundamental duties incumbent on them, under the terms of law.

The Comissão da Carteira Profissional de Jornalista (CCPJ) is constituted by eight members with a minimum of 10 year experience in pursuit of the profession of journalist and who hold a professional card or valid equivalent certificate, equally designated by professional journalists and by the operators of the media sector, and by a jurist of recognized merit with media experience, co-opted by the other eight members by an absolute majority vote, who will chair the Committee.

The members of the CCPJ are independent in the pursuit of their functions.

Appeals filed against the decisions of the CCPJ shall be made via the administrative courts.