Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

The Basic Law features many provisions important to the media sector, namely regarding the journalist.


Journalist Statute

It establishes the fundamental rules of the journalist profession, including the rules of access to the profession, the rights and duties of the journalists and the set of incompatibilities.


Organization and Operation of the CCPJ and the Professional Accreditation of Journalists Procedure

The Decree-Law 70/2008 dated April 15th establishes the rules of the organization and operation of the CCPJ. It regulates the granting, renewing, suspending and revoking of the journalist’s professional license, as well as the set of duties and professional incompatibilities.


Regulation of the Internship of Access to the Journalist Profession

The Ministerial Order 318/99 dated May 12th regulates the internship of access to the journalist profession.


Foreign Correspondent ID Card

The Ministerial Order 148/99 dated March 4th establishes the rules for the granting of ID cards for the correspondents of foreign news outlets.